Detox. Food elimination protocols. These words are flittered throughout social media in the name of reclaiming health and wellness, in the name of curing chronic illnesses. But often, there’s a crucial element missing in the puzzle, in the healing protocols, because it’s not just about food, it’s also about our thoughts; both work synergistically. Just as “Food is Medicine,” we are what we eat, the same runs true for we are what we think. It happens on a molecular, genetic, epigenetic, cellular, structural, neurochemical, electromagnetic, and subatomic level in the body (Dr. Caroline Leaf). And at the base of it all, of all healing, is love, love that’s free from fear, love for which we are scientifically wired to give and receive, to be. Fear is not the norm; fear creates havoc and chaos in the brain – we just aren’t designed to operate in it.

So, armed with determination and truth, let’s eliminate those toxic, fearful thoughts and that damaging food. Let’s embrace love.
I propose we go on a love journey, a detox, a reclamation of health in mind, body, and spirit; a reclamation of soul harmony.
Along the way, there’s definitely going to be some Food as Medicine principles and guides, medicinal foods to help love and propel the body towards well-being. Both are so important and work with each other – everything is connected, and everything is meant to operate in love.

It might be useful to keep a food and a thought journal (I surely am!), documenting what you eat, what you think, and how they both make you feel throughout the day. Because remember:
Every moment of every day, you have a choice. A choice of what to eat, a choice of what to think. In both cases, you can choose the negative route or the positive route. And your choices change your physical body, causing structural change in your brain, impacting your spirit, soul, and body.
Let’s choose life.