Research shows 75-98% of all mental, physical, and behavioral illness comes from our thought life. Truly, “We are what we believe we are.” -C.S. Lewis
We attract into our lives whatever we give our thoughts, feelings, attention, habits, focus, energy, and beliefs to. It’s a universal law, and we have been given a tremendous authority in the world to change our physical reality with this truth, with our free will.
This power also comes with responsibility and work; for though we were born in perfect love, to love perfectly, fear has attached its destructive head through circumstances beyond our control, false programming, and lies. To shift back to our true identity in love is an active, intentional process of taking those negative thoughts captive, releasing them, and then replacing them with the opposite truth, replacing them with “gems” of love instead of fear, of life instead of death. We just have to choose to see it, think it, believe it, and act on it. We just have to choose Heaven on Earth.
It’s science, it’s chemical, it’s physical, and it’s truly beautiful. You were made to be wonderfully whole in life, and your are worth reclaiming that truth. Through this reclamation springs forth healing roots, which if nurtured with our thoughts, can blossom into a mighty tree of balance and grace, for you and for others; a tree with the ability to shift the entire atmosphere of earth into proper alignment.
It all starts with returning to love, having a sound mind, and then lighting the world with that truth.